The OTC Group is your single source for variable marketing & packaging fulfillment.

The OTC Group provides the technology, data, print, packaging and mail-house services to fulfill your personalized, targeted and place-based marketing campaigns.

Experts in Variable
Marketing & Packaging Fulfillment

At the core of our business is a level of expertise that enables us to serve our clients’ needs in today’s high-paced environment. Everyone is talking about targeting campaigns and making materials personal and relevant to their target audience at the point of interaction with their brand. The OTC Group is the expert in bringing this desire to fruition for agencies, brands and their marketing departments.

Innovative technologies - The solutions developed by The OTC Group over the last decade optimize personalization and variables into print marketing & packaging materials using an approach not available through other print & mail-house providers.

Complex simplified - Our clients want results, not complicated systems and months of waiting on projects. We provide the back-end personalization, variable and fulfillment aspects to bring creative marketing campaigns to fruition.

Relevant marketing - Blanket campaigns have less impact and can destroy the effectiveness of your database. People want emotionalized materials that speak directly to them. OTC makes it easy to provide targeted, relevant programs to entice action.